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Advanced Respondent Recruiting System

Respondent Database

Advanced Design

enforces data integrity, verifies email, mobile phone and USPS address. And it's fully customizable.


Recruiting Manager

Ultimate control of the

recruiting process from...

sample selection, 

recruitment, quota control reporting through

respondent payment.



Intuitive & Powerful

easy to use

advanced logic

advanced quota control

The Complete Solution

Recruiting Manager

Efficient Operations

Our Respondent Relationship Management system: 

  • Turns your recruiting center into an inbound call center, reducing wasteful calling to leave messages

  • View survey results in survey format from recruiting screen

    • Hidden survey questions only recruiters see 

    • Edit respondent profile from recruiting screen

  • Has the ability for respondents to self-schedule

  • Automated quota control

  • Communication tracking for each respondent

  • Automated confirmations including homework attachments and reminder emails and text messages

  • Reports include: Call Disposition, Attendance List, Confirmation, Time Tracking and many more

Hands on Computer Keyboard

Respondent Database

Better Respondent Data with Lower Acquisition and Maintenance Costs

  • Superior respondent communication as all contact points are verified during registration via third party validation services: (email, mobile phone and address)

  • Ability customize respondent data structure

  • Children are separately registered and grow into adults

  • Single database with separate registration home pages for consumer and professionals avoid duplicate registration in different panels.

  • Respondent Reward system encourages referrals, survey completion and profile updates

  • Responsive design displays well on mobile devices


Hands on Computer Keyboard

Survey Builder

Intuitive and Powerful

  • No coding language to learn

  • Set to self-schedule or recruiter scheduling

  • Automatically dispositions terminates, over quotas and qualified refusals

  • Surveys instantly viewable by recruiters during calls

  • Hidden questions only recruiters can see and ask

  • Quick and Advanced quota setting by job and session

  • Fully integrated with database and call center management system

Data Cloud


Cloud Based, Low Maintenance

  • Cloud based 

  • Work From Home 

  • Integrates with some phone systems for click to dial and caller ID prospect pull-up.

  • Works on any computer/OS: Chrome, Macs or Windows
Survey Builder
Recruiting Manager
Consider The Benefits
  1. Increased profits

  2. Improved data integrity without increased work

  3. Reduced administration time

  4. Lower respondent acquisition costs

  5. Universal compatibility (laptop, tablet, phone, desktop)

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