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Unlock Your Recruiting Profits

With OpinionWizard you can literally 

double, triple or even quadruple

recruiting profits!

Save Time and Money Every Day

Increase Survey Responses

Quota Control

OpinionWizard automatically resends screener invitations up to 4 times to non-responders. 

Streamlined Confirmations

Customized emails are automatically  sent to all new recruits each day, with complete details (date, time, duration, incentive, location, attachments, streaming links, & more AND includes a click to confirm link.

Reminders are also

sent automatically. ​


More than 85% of respondents

click to confirm, elimiating most confirmation calls

Set quotas and OpinionWizard

will enforce them so recruiters/respondents

can't over recruit.

Instant Profile Reports

Profiles any way you want them. 

By Group, Day, or All on One Page.

Format is easily created during survey programming with just a few clicks.

Easy Pay with ePay

Pay 1 or all respondents quickly using your preferred payment provider integrated with OpinionWizard.

. Good bye formatting and uploads.

Ready for a Test Drive?

Full Self-Scheduling

When you're ready to really
drive profits

Imagine recruiting with almost no labor
Full-self scheduling projects
literally recruit themselves
yielding 75% or more profit on each project.

Set up the job, select sample

and push more as needed.

The system does the rest.
Qualified respondents select a session.

  • Quotas are Controlled

  • Confirmations are Sent

  • Profile Reports are Ready

  • Reminders are Sent

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