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Experience OpinionWizard for yourself

Register using our test site:  


You won't get solicited. Data is deleted regularly.

Keep in mind that most data points are fully and easily user customizable.

Testing Instructions:

  1. A real mobile phone and a valid email address are required.

  2. You must enter a birth date for an 18+ year old and provide a real zip code.

  3. After page one, you will fill out the Household page and an Individual page.

  4. Use a real street address and the system will validate append city, state, & county.

  5. Geo code (Long+Lat) for radius recruiting is also automatically appended.

  6. Select Full-Time work status and enter an occupation.

    1. Note the fully searchable occupations with specialties and sub-specialties.

  7. Note the fully searchable health issues tab.

  8. See how the travel areas displayed are based on your metro market (zip code).

  9. Add second individual and make them a child (under 15). Note the short form which expands to collect more information as the child ages.

  10. The system currently offers Spanish language conversion. Other languages are possible.

  11. To prevent cheaters, mobile phones and email addresses can't be re-used.

  12. FYI: There is a second home page for Professionals:

To fully appreciate the benefits and capabilities schedule a demo. 

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